Responsibilities:  A representative (at least 16 years of age) from each family is required to work a minimum of 3 meets (or work shifts) (see breakdown below) and work the CKSDC meet.    
-     Each Swim Family = work 3 meets (work shifts)
-     Each Dive Family = work 3 meets (work shifts)
-     If you have a swim child  and a dive child = work 4 meets             (work shifts) total
For example, if you have one child that swims only (3 meets), and a 2nd child that both dives and swims (4 meets), your family would need to cover a total of 4 work shifts.

If a conflict arises, you may switch with another parent.  It is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement as well as to notify the HSDT meet director of this change PRIOR TO THE MEET.  Failure to find a replacement will result in a $75 fine per event you have been scheduled to work (i.e. $150 if a no-show in both swim and dive meet).  All swimmers/divers in your family will be ineligible to participate in subsequent meets until the fine has been paid.  THIS WILL BE ENFORCED.

You may decline to work swim and dive meets by paying a fee as outlined below.  If you choose this option, mark it on your entry form and include the fee in your entry check.  You must still sign up to work the CKSDC meet regardless if you are waiving a "work" assignment.
- $300 (Swim - Work Decline Fee)
- $300 (Dive - Work Decline Fee)
 -$75 (One Dive - Work Decline Fee)