The Hartland Swim & Dive Team is a recreational team made up of children who live in the Hartland neighborhood in Lexington, Kentucky, and are members in good standing of the Hartland Swim Club.  (For information about the Club, please call the club manager, Susan Scott at 272-2033).  The Hartland Swim & Dive Team is a member of the Central Kentucky Swim Conference (CKSC), made up of 10 swim and dive teams in the central Kentucky area.

There is typically a team registration open house in April.  Registration of swimmers and divers, along with family job signups and committee signups are conducted at this time.  This is also a good time to meet the coaches.

The first team practice usually begins around Memorial Day and the first swim meet of the season is typically the first week in June.  All meets take place on Wednesdays (except the week of July 4th - see Meet Info tab).  Dive warm-ups begin at 2pm and the dive meet starts at 3pm.  Swim warm-ups begin at 4:30pm and the swim meet starts at 5:30pm.

There are six swim meets per season.  The season culminates with the CKSC championships.  There is a one-day dive meet and a three-day swim meet.

Team social activities typically include pep and spirit rallies before each meet, a team social at the beginning of the season, a mid-season activity, and an end of the season awards and recognition banquet.  Other events are planned as well.

Participation in the swim team should not be confused with beginning swim lessons.  Swim team coaches and other pool staff are available to provide beginning swim lessons for younger children.  While children as young as 4 years of age may be a member of the team, a child must be "water ready" and willing to swim.  The head swim coach will decide if a young child has the necessary skills to participate in team practices, meets and activities.  The Hartland swim coaches are known for their competitive swimming abilities and coaching for swimmers on technique, conditioning and overall performance.

Participation in the dive team may include children and teeagers who are interested in developing their diving talents.  While children as young as 4 years of age may be a member of the dive team, a child must be "water ready", willing to swim and jump off the diving board into deep water.  The head diving coach will decide if a young child has the necessary skills to participate in team practices, meets and activities.  In general, a diver must be able to qualify as a member of the dive team and have sufficient body control required to complete the four elementary required dives.

Swimmers and divers are expected to attend and fully participate in practices in order to participate in meets.  Exceptions are illness or prearranged absences (camp, vacation, etc).

1)  Team suits, caps, goggles, etc.
2)  Yearend coaches' gifts and fundraisers.
3)  Bringing a designated item for concessions sale prior to home meets.
4)  Work requirements for regular season meets, conference meet and team committee.

Responsibilities:  A representative (at least 16 years of age) from each family is required to work a minimum of 3 meets (or work shifts) (see breakdown below); participate on one committee; and work CKSC meet.   If you cannot work the conference meet, please notify Robin Jennings,  by the 1st swim meet so that alternate work duties can be assigned to you during the swim season.  
- Each Swimmer = work 3 meets (work shifts)
- Each Diver = work 3 meets (work shifts)
- If child swims & dives = work 4 meets (work shifts) total
For example, if you have one child that swims only (3 meets), and a 2nd child that both dives and swims (4 meets), your family would need to cover a total of 4 work shifts.

If a conflict arises, you may switch with another parent.  It is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement as well as to notify the HSDT Board President, Robin Jennings,  of this change PRIOR TO THE MEET.  Failure to find a replacement will result in a $100 fine per event you have been scheduled to work (i.e. $200 is a no-show in both swim and dive meet).  All swimmers/divers in your family will be ineligible to participate in subsequent meets until the fine has been paid.  THIS WILL BE ENFORCED.

You may decline to work swim and dive meets by paying a fee as outlined below. If you choose this option, mark it on your entry form and include the fee in your entry check.  You must still sign up for a committee assignment and work the CKSC meet regardless if you are waiving a "work" assignment.
- $300(Swim - Work Decline Fee)
- $100 (One Dive - Work Decline Fee)
-$300 (Dive - Work Decline Fee)