COVID-19 (2020 SEASON)

HSDT families,

This is the email you have been waiting for!


Our Swim & Dive Team will begin practices on Monday, June 15th! It looks like our season will be from June 15th through the last week of July or possibly the first week of August (exact dates TBD)


SWIM PRACTICE SCHEDULE: Weekdays, 11am - 3pm from June 15th - June 26th
11am - noon: 6 & unders and 7/8s (6 & unders may not use the entire hour)
noon - 1pm: 9/10s and 13/14s
1pm - 2pm: 11/12s
2pm - 3pm: 15 & overs. This group may opt to split in two and practice every other day.
More specifics for practices will be published once registration has closed.
Dive team practice will most likely be scheduled in the morning while lap swimming is occurring. (Exact practice time - TBD - will provide before June 15th)
Per the Fayette County Heath Department inspector, we are allowed to have one swimmer in each lane in the water and the next swimmer must not enter the pool until the other swimmer exits the pool. We will abide by the guidelines of local authorities and make adjustments as those guidelines change.
As per Kentucky Healthy at Work guidelines for Youth Sports, practice groups must consist of ten (10) youths or fewer. This means we will have "x" number of practice groups in each age group based on registered athletes. Each practice group will rotate stations during their scheduled practice time. There will be a practice group in the regular swimming lanes supervised by one coach, there will be a practice group in the dive well with lane dividers working on technique supervised by one coach and there will be a practice group performing dryland exercises supervised by one coach.
As per Kentucky Healthy at Work guidelines for Youth Sports, any individual not essential for the conduct of these practices should not attend.
Once the Hartland pool opens for recreation (possibly June 29th), our practice times will be in the mornings before the pool opens. (Those days and times will be determined after registration is closed). We will update you as we get information.

Swim and dive meets could be virtual, meaning that instead of hosting or traveling to meets, our kids will "compete" against each other, then we will submit those results to the Meet Director at CKSDC who will match those results up against our competitor of the week to determine a team winner.
Swim and dive meets could be intra-squad meets, meaning we will create a green team and a white team from HSDT and they will compete against each other to determine a winner.
Dates and times of virtual meets and/or intra-squad meets and Conference structure will be determined by the coaches in CKSDC at a later date.
More than likely, meets will start in July.

We plan to have t-shirts for athletes.
We will not have organized professional photos this year.
ALL NEW swimmers UNDER AGE 9 and ALL 6 & UNDER swimmers MUST be able to SWIM THE LENGTH OF THE POOL UNASSISTED at their FIRST practice or THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN HSDT this season (2020). Due to restrictions, there will be NO coaches in the water assisting swimmers. --- At the first practice these athletes will be required to demonstrate their ability using the lane nearest the baby pool for safety reasons.
There is no need to purchase a team suit since we will not be competing against a competitor face to face.
Based on Kentucky Healthy at Work guidelines for Youth Sports, there should be minimal need for volunteering.
Format for the end of season banquet is TBD.

We will have a ONE year (2020 ONLY) fee reduction. The cost per athlete is $125 (NO ADDITIONAL SIBLING OR SPONSORSHIP DISCOUNTS). This is a 31% - 22% discount off the normal rates of $180, $170 and $160. The deficit to run the team will be covered by the HSDT reserve account.

Click on the link to our HSDT 2020 registration below, submit the registration (PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT ONE REGISTRATION PER FAMILY!!!!!) and either send your payment to HSDT, 2309 Abbeywood Road, Lexington, KY 40515 or put your payment in the HSDT mailbox on the porch at 2309 Abbeywood Road. Make checks payable to HSDT.

Please go over social distancing and the COVID code of conduct with your athlete so they understand what they are to do. AT ALL TIMES ATHLETES AND COACHES ARE TO MAINTAIN 6 FOOT SOCIAL DISTANCING (to the best of their ability)

Remember that everything is "fluid" this summer and as guidelines, restrictions and regulations change, HSDT will be able to change, also. HSDT will be very different this season, but we are DETERMINED to make it the best it can be!

Also, pass this information along to new families in our neighborhood that may not know about Hartland Swim and Dive Team. All families in Hartland are welcome to join.

Additional information to follow after registration closes.

See you on June 15th!

Robin Jennings
Go Hartland!